Excerpt from Date Night by Ever Coming

Copyright © Ever Coming, 2017

“I came to thank you for my wine.” I said, standing closer to him than was necessary. My stomach was aflutter. Damn, he was sexy.

“It’s a white zin,” he began, as if I were there for a wine lesson. Which, for the record, I so was not. “Not the best of wines, according to connoisseurs, but I bought it as a kind of foreshadowing.”

“Do tell.” I was biting my bottom lip, for the first time understanding why chicks in movies always did this. It prevented drooling, which, standing next to him, was a very real possibility.

“I plan to make you blush just as pink before the night is over.” He leaned in closer, his breath caressing my cheek as he spoke, everyone in the room disappearing except for him and me.

“I feel you may have accomplished that already, sir.” My cheeks were burning. He’d more than accomplished his goal.