Excerpt from Fist Me by Berengaria Brown

Taryn had never been so aroused in her whole life before. She didn’t consider herself to be a cold person, but sex had never been the earth-shaking experience she’d read about in books. In fact, half the time the only way she even came, was after Ben was asleep and she jerked herself off.

Of course she knew some women never came from a cock, but still, she often felt cheated. If he’d just done more to please her, instead of concentrating on getting his own rocks off… Oh well he was gone now and she’d worry about what his parents and friends would say to her about that later. And it would cause a storm of comments and recriminations, she knew that.

I’m so glad I asked Maeve to fist me. I know it’s the right thing to do, and the foreplay has almost had me climaxing already. I don’t care if the fisting hurts, I want to do it. I want the intensity, the unbearable passion, and I know Maeve will be the perfect teacher.

Taryn slid up on the bed with Maeve, wishing Maeve would touch her again. God, Maeve did that so well: very softly and gently, but with just enough pressure to arouse her. And playing with her feet! Who knew feet were an erogenous zone? In fact, every inch of skin Maeve touched instantly became an erogenous zone. And now they were getting to the fisting. I can’t wait!

Maeve took a jar of scented lube out of the nightstand. When Maeve opened the lid, Taryn breathed in the scent: vanilla, the same as the little tea candles. Taryn watched excitedly, only just aware that the quiet background music was adding to her arousal. Oh yeah. Using all the senses. I must remember that.

Soon. Soon Maeve would put her entire hand inside Taryn, and she would finally know what fisting was all about.