Excerpt from Jewel’s Menage Christmas by Berengaria Brown

Copyright © Berengaria Brown, 2014

Pulling the bathroom door half closed behind her, Jewel walked back into the main room of the suite, hoping Oscar wasn’t asleep in front of the television yet.

But both Oscar and Donovan were standing in the main room, still looking around in a confused sort of way.

“Take pity on us, Jewel. We’re only men, remember. Why are we here? Are we supposed to have sex? It’s a big bed, but we’ve got one of those at home,” asked Donovan.

“Or are we on our way somewhere else? But there’s no luggage with costumes for us to change into or whatever,” added Oscar, looking all around.

“Tonight is my holiday gift to us all,” began Jewel.

“Oh no. Was I supposed to buy you a gift, too?” joked Oscar.

Jewel swatted his arm lightly. “I thought after the shopping you might be ready to relax and have some fun. You’ve both been working so hard lately, I thought it was time we had an opportunity just to play. So get naked and come into the bathroom, and we’ll play.”

“Play in the bathroom? Not play in the bed?” asked Donovan.

“Well, likely we’ll play in the bed later. But right now we’re going to play in the bathroom.”

“I like shower sex,” said Oscar, kicking off his shoes.

“Good point. I do, too,” added Donovan, pulling his sweater over his head.

Jewel watched them as she undressed. They were both incredibly yummy in totally different ways. Oscar’s pale skin was a delightful foil to his red hair. His long, lean limbs were muscled, but wiry. Donovan was much broader across the shoulders, his torso more triangular in shape.

Jewel swiped her hand across her mouth to make sure she wasn’t drooling at the delightful picture they made.

She grabbed lube and condoms out of her purse, left her clothing folded neatly on a chair, and walked into the bathroom. Exactly as she’d planned, the hot tub was piled high with bubbles, and more bubbles danced on the outer rim of the tub. A few had broken free and were floating in the air.

She put the lube and condoms on the sink, within easy reach of the tub, and sank down into the water. It was lovely — warm enough that they could have part of their bodies out of the water without feeling cold, but not so hot as to make them too relaxed and sleepy. Always a consideration with Oscar!

“Holy shit!”

“What the fuck?”

“Doesn’t everyone dream of a White Christmas?” she challenged them.

“Only your seriously warped brain could dream of this as a White Christmas, but I can think of some good things to do with these bubbles.” Donovan stepped into the tub and scooped a handful of foam and painted it across his chest. Laughing, he made a circle of bubbles around his nipple, then a line of them arrowing toward his cock.

Oscar scooped up the bubbles and made himself a crown.

Jewel smiled and relaxed. Her plan was working. Both men were starting to de-stress and enjoy themselves. For the next half hour they relaxed and talked, swatting bubbles at each other, having a kind of tennis match by batting foam back and forth across the tub, and even sported an impromptu
costume dress-up party, using only bubbles.

But gradually a different kind of tension was building. Sexual tension. Jewel was thrilled to see their cocks standing up and engorging. To see Oscar’s gaze fixed on her breasts. To see Donovan licking his lips and rubbing his palms on his thighs.

Hell, yes! At last we’re all gonna get laid!