Excerpt from Tune Me Up by Lainey-Jo Charles

Copyright © Lainey-Jo Charles, 2014

Dani couldn’t breathe. Oxygen wasn’t getting into her lungs, her stomach was down around her knees, and all of the blood that had been pooling in her lady bits was now rushing to her face to turn her lobster red with embarrassment. The skin on her face probably burned at a temperature above a hundred and five right this instant.

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

What was Jason doing here?

She couldn’t even ask him because of the lack of air problem. That, and her throat wasn’t working right now. At least not the voice box part of her throat. The squeak she let out was about it for sound.

He was coming straight at her at a measured pace, holding her gaze, not looking anywhere else. She wanted to look elsewhere, but couldn’t. How had she not ever noticed how demanding his gaze could be? Since when could he force her to look him straight in the eyes and not look away, even when that’s what she wanted to do?

God, did she ever want to look away.

She wanted to duck her head and never look him in the eye ever again.

But maybe, maybe he hadn’t seen what was on her phone. Maybe she could play off the self-pleasuring part as a whole hey, she was here by herself, she was allowed to do anything she wanted to. That was what being a business owner was all about.

Um. Why was he wearing work coveralls? Which brought her back to the, Why was he here? question.

He still hadn’t said a word and there was no way she was speaking before she found out what he had to say. No. Way.

Coming to a stop by the cot, he squatted next to her. He lowered his gaze from her eyes to her hand as he reached out and lifted it up.

Oh, crap. Her hand. She’d been so busy not breathing and wondering why and what and all those other things that she hadn’t even wiped all of her juices off her hand.