Excerpt from Two Into One Goes Great by Lynne Connolly

Copyright © Lynne Connolly, 2015

She undid a button on her black top, revealing the lacy white top of her bra. Just a little, to tease rather than anything else. “Like that?”

For once she’d get her fantasy to become a model. The one the prepubescent girl had played, and held until she was sixteen and still not tall enough. She had fewer illusions these days.

But she did like the appreciative purr that Jordan gave, and Cody’s sleepy smile. Both men’s attentions were fixed on her cleavage. At least she had one, and it was real.

Boldly she sat on the white sofa, slanting her legs to one side. Then she busied herself ripping the cellophane off a box of chocolates, dropping the detritus at the back of the seat where it wouldn’t be seen. Was there anything like opening a box of chocolates for the first time? She held the box up to her nose and sniffed. “Gorgeous,” Jordan murmured. The snaps of the cameras were for her this time. For the first time in her life, cameras were clicking for her. It felt good.

Lifting a candy, she took a bite. Nut chocolate. “So good,” she murmured. Click, click. She concentrated on the goodies rather than the photos. At one stage in her life she’d been embarrassed to have her picture taken but now it was so much a part of everyday that she hardly noticed it.

The seat depressed as Cody sat next to her. He had no camera in his hand, and he was topless. “Let’s get a bit more personal, hmm?” he said, as he selected a chocolate and held it to her mouth. “Now bite. I want to see that expression the girls missed. Sheer enjoyment.”

Not difficult to do since he’d selected a cherry one. She kept her lips on the dark chocolate, sipping from the shell when she’d bitten into it.

Facing her, he held up another. “Let the contents fall. Jordan can get the drip.”

She did as he told her, watching his eyes. Pale blue, they seemed to see right through her. Wow, she’d never noticed that ring of dark blue around his iris. Very sexy. The drip of cherry touched her lower lip, then trickled to her chin.

Cody leaned forward and licked it off. Click, click.

Heat warmed her, heated her crotch, but alarms went off in her head. Cody pressed a soft kiss to her mouth. “I know, baby, but we’re still under contract here. Nothing gets out without your approval. The contract covers employees of Square, in case we needed to change the models. You’re an employee, right? Then Square can’t sue our asses off, and put us out of business.”

That reassured her. He was right. They couldn’t use anything from this session without the agency’s approval. Which meant her. “But I could get some for myself?”

“Absolutely. No extra charge.” He kissed her on each word, each kiss going deeper. “Mmm, I’ve never enjoyed cherry chocolate so much. It makes me wonder what you make caramel taste like.”

He selected the caramel and touched it to her lips. “A tiny nibble now. Just to break the shell.”

Oh, she’d broken the shell all right.