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Whether you’re here because you’d like to join as a Naughty Literati Member Author or you wish to submit your work as Naughty Guest Author for our exciting, upcoming projects in 2019, we’re glad you want to be naughty with us!



*Experienced, Published Authors Only*

Naughty Literati is an all author-run book writers’ collective founded in 2013 after our publisher went under leaving our contractual and book rights up in air for months.

Since then, while we’ve all gone on to indie or traditionally publish at other places, we’ve continued to find many extra benefits and joys in working collegially together to write, publish, and promote our own works under the brand Naughty Literati.

By working together to build and expand our brand and put out excellent boxed sets to showcase our writing talents, we’ve all gained a higher audience reach for both our solo stories and Naughty Literati boxed sets, and we received royalties we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Download The Naughty Literati’s Word template here


Monthly Dues

Since we divide up the skill-sets of physical book production and promotion in-house, we are able to keep outsourcing work at a bare minimum to keep our monthly membership contributes at a low $10 per author.

Our monthly dues help “keep the lights on” by paying for hard costs, such as services like our InstaFreebie, MailerLite, audiobook production, plus some promo money to keep our backlist sales healthy.



Paid promotion is key to the success of any book release and that takes funding.

We have secured intellectual property investors who help with gap funding for book promotion, so that we have a higher reach for promo than just depending upon our author buy-ins are kept relatively reasonable compared to other boxed set groups out there.

Since we create and package Naughty Literati projects entirely in-house, the author buy-ins are dedicated to promotional costs so we get to the ROI faster, rather than if we outsource all that work for $$ to outsiders.

To that end, aside from hot, expert writing ability, all of our members also have some kind of in-house hard skillsets to contribute to the collective to make light work for all and give us all time to write, write, write. Did we mention we all love to write!


Submission Packet

We’re all professional, previously published authors with a following of our own and skills to contribute to the collective.

All members have access to the group’s growing newsletter, blog, Triberr, Goodreads, and social media resources to promote their solo projects.

Likewise, all members are expected to have similar promotional outlets and use them frequently to help promote the group and its projects. We find that when we share our resources with one another, the collective benefits and so do the individual members.

With that in mind, with your submission packet, please include in your submission packet links to your:


Amazon Author Page

Goodreads Author Page

Street Team Page

Newsletter with number of subscribers


All Social Media Links

Other promotional links


We create our books almost entirely in-house, with all members taking a responsible role in book production. In your cover letter, please include which skillsets below you have to offer the group:

Developmental editing


WordPress skills (to create or edit existing pages on our site as needed)

Gleam (Rafflecopter)/Contests and Giveaways

Paid ads expertise – Facebook, Bookbub or Amazon

Street Team creation and management

MailerLite newsletter acumen

InstaFreebie event organization

Blogging for the Group and Triberr knowledge

Maintain Calendar for the Group

Romance promo ad booking (Like for Excite Spice, Fussy Librarian, Kindle Countdown scheduling, etc – NL pays for these fees)

Book formatting

Book concatenation

Secretary/Treasurer experience

Online Group management skills, such as Yahoo or Google Groups

Other (Please specify)