Naughty Getaways Reviews

KWilliams – 5 Stars – Amazon Reviews
“What a great collection of stories. I enjoyed each one in the book. I traveled into different worlds in each story. I was able to escape from real life into them. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for their next read.”

Roxie’s Romance Reviews – 5 Stars
“An exciting collection you will love. This is a very incredible collection with fantastic characters.”

BookAddict’sReviews – 5 Stars
“I loved this series!! Eleven great stories full of passion and heat. Great characters with fun and intriguing plots that got me excited each time I picked up the set! I think this has a little something for everybody!”

A Must Read Collection! – 5 Stars – Barnes & Noble Reviews
“Another great story collection from the Naughty Literati with eleven page-turners that will keep you reading past your bedtime. I couldn’t put my e-reader down. Each story is well developed with fascinating characters, steamy romance and enthralling story lines. You can’t go wrong by picking up any title from the Naughty Literati!”

B.L. Woodward – Amazon Reviews – 5 Stars
“I love these anthologies! There’s something for every reader to enjoy. Highly recommended!”

Lori B – NetGalley – 5 Stars
“What an awesome set of stories by some of the best romance writers out there. Good plots and characters. Enjoyed!!!!!!”

Steamy Book Momma – Amazon Reviews – 5 Stars
“I have read several other sets put together by them and have loved them this one was no different. There are 11 stories in this anthology. They are all hot and steamy but includes genres such as sci-fi, second chance, boss, fantasy, new adult, magic, historical and more. I loved all the stories in the set. My favorite was ROYAL ALPHAS: ONE NIGHT WITH THE ALPHA KING by Belle Scarlett and then SUMMER LOVIN’ by Nicole Austin. I look forward to reading more books by all the authors. I love reading these sets. They are great ways to find new authors. This set had me sucked in from the start and every story kept me wanting more. Fantastic anthology.”

Karen Roma – GoodReads – 4 Stars
“Make sure to have your fan ready when reading this sexy, fun and sizzling HOT, array of short stories, as nothing gets the blood pumping like a sensual romp! A lovely mix of genres provides fascinating reading for just about dedicated romantic; so strap in, grab a cool drink and prepare to be wowed, as this wonderful group of authors stroke the undying flames of passion.”

Cheri – Amazon Reviews – 4 Stars
“I enjoy boxed sets to meet new authors and check out their work. That is exactly how I discovered Suz DeMello. When I noticed she had one in this set, I had to go for it: Peter’s Story: A fun, steamy short with characters that grow and learn… Summer Lovin’: The school teacher and the fireman. Well, a little twist… This is a couple of the good stories inside, there are eleven plus two bonus stories at the end. Don’t miss out.”

Melissa S – NetGalley – 4 Stars
“What a great book, which is great for a summer read especially on the beach. You get a bit of everything and will make your sun bathing more fun while reading this book. Would recommend.”

Barbara – Amazon Reviews – 4 Stars Overall
Kate Richards
“Sweet, sexy read. Drake has one week to show Karen that he’s more than what the gossips say. And, convince her that together they could be even better.”

TROPICAL HEAT – 3 stars!
Alice Gaines
“Determined to leave his aristocratic life behind, Hugh lives comfortably on a tropical island. Sent to bring him back home and back to his rightful position as Duke, Mary is surprised to find the handsome, laid-back man who makes her think things that involve nakedness. Taking Hugh up on the deal he proposes could open Mary’s eyes to a different kind of life and the possibility of happiness, if… she takes a chance.”

Berengaria Brown
“Wicked hot ménage! Branden and Sloan have a great relationship, but Branden can’t deny his need to also have an occasional connection to a woman. And, only one woman has ever made him think twice. Naomi has fond memories of her friend and former occasional fuck-buddy, Branden. While he really makes her body tingle, she reaches out to him for help in a different area. Having recently lost her job, she hopes that Branden can either recommend her within his company or help her find temporary work until something full-time comes along.
Branden is happy to hear from Naomi. Not only can he assist her in finding employment, he wants to introduce her to Sloan in hopes of making a three-way connection. Super sexy, short read. Recommended!”

DIRTY DIANA – 4.5 stars!
Francesca Hawley
“Sexy dancing with hidden identity! Diana has come a long way from her past of being ashamed and embarrassed of her body. She now loves herself and is determined to win back the man who holds her heart. Gunnar was madly in love with Diana, but wasn’t able to continue their relationship that included her self-loathing. He let her go in hopes she may find herself and understand that she’s beautiful inside and out. Now, years later Diana is ready to win her man back with the sexiest dances possible. Recommended read!”

SINFULLY HOT – 4 stars!
Tina Donahue
“Sinfully hot is right! Reaper and demon make heavenly music together while burning up the sheets. Ended a bit abruptly. Felt like there was more story to come, but very sexy short read.”

ICE QUEEN – 4.5 stars!
Nicole Austin
Super hot, dirty office sex! Delanie’s former high school crush is now her new boss. Ky, former high school heartthrob and bad boy has found his other half in Delanie. Now if he can only convince her there’s more to their relationship than just office sex. Short, sweet, sexy read! Didn’t want it to end.

TATTOO WITCH – 3.5 stars!
Kathy Kulig
“Very interesting story. Sam and Anita have a healthy, but rather vanilla love life. Secretly, they both wish for a bit more sexual excitement. After meeting a couple at a vacation resort, they are fascinated by their tattoos and the story behind them. Sam lets his curiosity get the better of him and decides to visit the tattoo shop to get one. But neither he nor Anita realizes how special these tattoos are, and that they come with side effects. Super sexy read!”

Belle Scarlett
“Lots of story build up. It took me a while to connect with these characters but ultimately, I enjoyed Shade and Anya’s story. Sweet story about love and sacrifice.”

SUMMER LOVIN’ – 4.5 stars!
Nicole Austin
“Deliciously hot, steamy story of younger man-older woman romance. Rissa, widowed and kids in college, is ready to experience life as a single attractive woman. During summer break, she’s determined to have a sexy, no-strings-attached fling.
JD, local firefighter, and stud, meets Rissa while responding to her car fire. Sparks are in the air between them, and he’s determined to get to know Rissa better. But while Rissa is trying to keep any feelings out of her time with JD, he’s determined to see just how far their relationship can go. I loved this story. It’s one of my favorites. Recommended!”

Nanas Book Reviews

Terracotta Warriors by Berengaria Brown – A short very erotic menage story. Half of it is concentrated on their chemistry and the good sex scenes the other half about the story of the Terracotta Warriors and their love for their job. Very enjoyable and straight to the point.

Dirty Diana by Francesca Hawley – A very sexy story. It contains a lot of erotic dance scenes, the relationship is BDSM related, based on the Dom/sub lifestyle. It might be concentrated a lot on the teasing and the sex part but it has a very sweet and emotional side. This one is perfect for the kinky readers.

An Unexpected Discovery by Regina Kammer – A nice historical romance with a very interesting storyline. It uses this unique writing, just like how a royal from that era would talk. It describes how a princess is fighting for her legacy and how she suffers under an unhappy marriage. The sex scenes are limited but written with such elegance that makes them truly erotic. I liked this a lot.

Sinfully Hot by Tina Donahue – This is the sweetest yet sexy paranormal short story I have ever read. Almost 2/3 of the story is sexy and fun with just a few hints about Jewel torment. The other 1/3 is very sweet and romantic with a badass ending. I enjoyed it a lot.

Ice Queen by Nicole Austin – A very sexy and romantic story. It contains many types of sex:office sex, angry sex, sweet love making. Simple storyline with an unexpected finale.

Peter’s Story by Suz deMello – A nice romantic story with a little bit of mystery. The female character seems to be more dynamic than the male. She was a very successful woman who knew what she wanted while he was a troubled man with luck of confidence. I liked that the characters changed a lot throughout this short story. My favourite part was the last scene of the epilogue.

Tattoo Witch by Kathy Kulig – A short story about dark magic tattoos and kinky sex. It’s about a young couple who wants to have a better sex life but eventually paying the price of their choices. The end was very romantic.

Dolphin Paradise by Kate Richards – Sweet, fun and sexy romantic story. Solely focused on the two of them with a few added information about their lives and the camp.

Tropical Heat by Alice Gaines – A quite sexy historical romance with hot erotic scenes and informs you about two different cultures.

One Night With the Alpha King (Royal Alphas Book 1) by Belle Scarlett – It’s a very interesting paranormal story. Half of the book is filled with erotic fantasies and later real scenes. The other half talks about the different civilizations from the past till the present. I liked the fact that it wasn’t solely focused on sex.

Summer Lovin’ by Nicole Austin – A great fun story with a happy ending. It contains a relationship with an age gap, a cougar and a hunk with lots of sexual encounters. I loved every part of it.