Naughty Haunts Reviews

“What a wonderful culmination of naughty stories. They run the gambit from mortals, witches, vampires, shifters, werewolves, and ghosts plus a couple of demons and strange creatures. Each story is very well written with well written characters and each story is different with one exception, the sex..all hot and steamy. Some are adventurous, some are sweet, some are dangerous but all are a joy to read. I really enjoyed reading these stories and recommend this anthology to anyone who likes a little paranormal with their erotica.” – Kathy Rouchelle – 5 Stars – Amazon Reviews

“These stories are by some incredible writers!
“The Magic that You Do by Tina Donahue- This is an incredible Halloween story! A young man gets drawn to a hunted house. There he meets a beautiful young woman she gives him a tour that tunes scorching hot hot! This story has some awesome twists you will love!
“Dirty Princess- by Nicole Austin- This story is about a couple who are best friends. The young woman has been lusting after her sexy best friend since she met him. She does not know he wants her too. One night they get drunk together and she tells him her fantasy. Boy does this story get hot and dirty! You will love it.
“Strange Magic by Lynn LaFleur- This story is about a young witch about to have her skills evaluated, if she fails she dies. A handsome older warlock has been in love with her, and offers to help. He has a sure fire idea that will help her pass and give him what he wants. Her. As everyone knows sex increases a witch’s powers. This story is sweet and scorching hot!.
“These are just some of the examples of the stunning stories found in this amazing collection! Each and every story is naughty and scorching hot!. You will love this book!” – Roxie’s Romance Reviews – 5 Stars