Naughty Hearts Reviews

From Amazon Reviews…

“A must read for fans of quick and sexy reads.”  – M. Fullington

“There’s something in this collection for everyone and for every mood. There’s also a great blend of sweet (sexy sweet), funny and intense.”  – CarolineP

“Fantastic… Each story has its own unique flavor, but the one common factor is that they all rate high on the spice meter.” – Rachel’s Willful Thoughts

“…this was a wonderful compilation of stories.” – Tina Brunelle, Redz World Reviews

“Super read! A fun and sexy read…” – Tina Williams

“Quite a bargain!” – L.S. Tucker

4 Roses from Sizzling Hot Books
“I really enjoyed this collection of stories. I liked the variety. There are stories that feature younger couples, older couples, threesomes, male/male, paranormal, time travel, and so much more. The sex scenes are deliciously naughty and detailed. Some stories may not be for everyone but there is something for everyone to like within the pages of Naughty Hearts. There are characters you love and characters a reader can identify with…. I would recommend Naughty Hearts to anyone who wants a sizzling hot read that is quick and easy.”

4 Stars from Lizabeth Tucker via GoodReads

“The collection hits the ground running with the very first story and barely lets up as more stories come down the pike. I highly recommend the collection to anyone who loves to read erotic fiction that knows how to weave emotions into the story, even during the lovemaking scenes. Because the majority of these are more about love than sex. Which is not to say that the sex isn’t hot, because overwhelmingly, it is! I give it a 4 out of 5 rating overall.”

“A super collection for Valentine’s Day,” from Tina, A Reader’s Review Blog

“Whatever your reading preferences you are well advised to get hold of Naughty Hearts, another sizzling collection from The Naughty Literati, guaranteed to meet your needs this Valentine’s Day and beyond!”