Naughty Heatwave Reviews


“I really do enjoy these naughty box sets, they have some surprisingly good tales!… The longest took me an hour to read, that shortest just 30 minutes. Each story is complete, and has its own happy ever after… Short, sweet and sexy.”
Mrs M D Attenborough – 4 Stars

Amazon Reviews

“Collection of authors is amazing.. So steamy your kindle will sizzle. Sample writings and read author’s you may never try on your won. A great mix of all thing HOT and Sexy!”
Socially Awkward Book Nerd – 5 Stars

“Get ready for some hot short reads that will get your pulses racing! Some I liked more than others but overall a great selection of authors coming together to show us what they’ve got.”
Sarah Greenwood – 4 Stars

“I have read several boxsets that Naughty Literati have put together and I always love them. This one was no different. This boxset has bdsm, second chance love, kinky sex, paranormal, sci-fi, and more. I loved this boxset and my favorite story was One Kinky Weekend followed up by The Agreement. All the authors in this set and great. These boxsets are a great way to find new authors. I look forward to reading more from these authors in the future. Naughty Literati buts together fantastic, steamy, hot boxsets. I highly recommend this boxset and other Naughty Literati boxsets.”
Steamy Book Momma – 5 Stars

“I’ve read a several boxsets that naughty Literati has put together ,and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of them. All these authors in this collection has given us some amazing stories. This collection has BDSM,Second Chance Love, Contemporary, Lesbian, M/M/F, Menage, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, and Speculative Fiction Romance, and so much more. I think my favorite two was Alien Rights By Nicole Austin and One Kinky Weekend By Berengaria Brown .But I found that this is a great way to fine new authors to read, I know that I will be reading more from these authors. You’re fine that you will enjoy the way the Naughty Literati has put this amazing collection together ,because it’s Sexy, hot, steamy and some fabulous characters, rolled in some great writing . I could tell you about which book and the author ,but that would spoil this fabulous boxset for you. I highly recommend that you read this amazing collection , because you won’t be disappointed.” Bella’s Blog – 5 Stars

” I loved this book and maybe I wanted to hoard it all to myself! But no, you need to read this. What a great set of stories!! This book has everything, aliens, BBW, S/M, etc. No matter what your taste, you will find something that you enjoy – A LOT!! There are 10 short stories that will have your heart racing and begging for more. Pick this gem up and enjoy!” Amy Garnet – 4 Stars