Naughty Lovers Reviews

From GoodReads Reviews…

“Wow what can i say about this anthology. It is really hot. There is all different type of stories in this anthology. You got BDSM, stepbrothers, shape shifters, to many other genres. It catered to all different genres, and got you hooked. I loved all the short stories, they just brought you into the world of each one. There wasn’t one like each other. There is 9 different authors in this anthology and they all brung something to the collection. Each story you could not predict, what it could be and what will happen.” – Charlotte Isacc – 5 Stars

From Amazon Reviews…

“There are some awesome stories by some amazing writers!. The characters are unique, hot and fantastic!.” – Roxies Romance Reviews – 5 Stars

“Great selection of stories from many genres. I dare you not to find something that you will love!!… I really enjoyed this set… They were well crafted, fast paced and had great characters! ” – Nikki Brooks – 4 Stars

“This is a wonderful collection of sexy stories. It will defiantly quench your thirst if you are looking for something hot to read. I found I loved a little something from each of them. Let’s face it, no one deserves bad sex… This is one of the best collection of stories… They are short, but steamy hot!” – Heather – 5 Stars

This box set is definitely named correctly. The set covers all types of romance genres (rolled up into 9 “naughty” novellas. These great authors have hit the mark and given readers a variety to pick from; just in case one topic isn’t your thing. The stories range from sexy, to sweet to downright out of this world. This reader enjoyed them all and would be hard pressed to pick just one to single out. So I will simply say I hope these authors get together and bring us more Naughty Lover novellas in the future. 2 Thumbs Up!” – Barbara – 5 Stars

This is a nice box set that will appeal to many readers. there are more than a few genres to pick from and to enjoy. Each of the authors brings to life a wonderful story about love and attraction. I found a new author or two to enjoy in this set and also got to enjoy stories from a favorite author or two. Each of the stories pulls you in and holds your attention. They move at a nice place and keep you turning the pages to see just how things progress. This was a great way to sample new authors and genres. I have my favorite stories but as a whole this is a good collection of hot and steamy reads that should not be missed.” – Gabrielle – 4 Stars

“Nine stories of love and lust, with a variety of pairings. All but one of the stories was worth the cost of admission. Some of the best authors are contained within these pages. Take the chance, you only have 99 cents to lose, less than a coffee at Starbucks or a hamburger at McDonalds and a lot tastier.” – L.S. Tucker

“This boxed set will cater for all your naughty needs. What ever you are into it will be fulfilled and satisfied here… Definitely one for the spank bank.” – lil maso

“Short story boxed sets are a great way to find new authors and read a short when you just don’t have much time. Naughty Lovers is such a treat!…Don’t miss this great buy. I’m sure you’ll find a few favorite authors and some new favorites as well as some little gems to fill in the short down time. A strong recommend from me.” – Cheri – 5 Stars

“You definitely get a mixture of all types of romance in this great compilation. My favorites were The Ride of Her Life, Cinderella Scandal and Renaissance.I will definitely be checking into these authors and getting more familiar with their books. If you’re looking for some quick short steamy stories you will definitely want to 1-click and get started today.” – MAustin – 5 Stars

“This is a great set of book and Authors. You will be captivated and drawn into each one of these stories. I have to tell you this is a great way to get a touch of each of this Author’s ability. If you looking for some hot reads look no further! These are nine authors I haven’t had the chance to enjoy their work. Looking forward to reading more from them!” – Bear77 – 5 Stars