Naughty Phantasia Reviews

Dana Busenbark – 5 Stars – Amazon Reviews
Weapon of Choice by Katherine Kingston
“Who is Selvya and where is she at? What is she hinted at being? What does the man in charge want of her? Who is Jorden Corsos? What is his relationship to the King? Who is the Baron, who has used Selvya previousyl that landed her in the dungeon? What did he do to gain her help? What did he cause her to do, on a promise of security for her family? What was the result of that? When she was asked for help, was she able to give it to Jorden? What did it take for he to be able to use her gift again? Or is it a curse? You will have to decide for yourself. What is the outcome of her standing before the Baron again? What happens with the Duke? What does the King say and do for her help and loyalty? What is her answer to the King’s proposal? Or should I say offer?”

Alien Rights by Nicole Austin
“Emily is a waitress in a diner owned by Hank. A person who appears down on his luck walks in, talking about aliens and that he had been taken and probed. Hank goes off on him, giving him a really hard time. What does Emily say to Hank? What does she say and do for the stranger? When she leaves that night, what does she say as she’s looking up at the stars, wondering about things? Who are Elon and Kalgron? What happens with Emily that night? Does she ever return home? What happens at her job when she does not show up again? Read and find out. I enjoyed the story and I’m sure you will too!”

Delia’s Heartthrob by Regina Kammer
“In this story, we go back to February 1879 to Newcastle, England. We find Edward just waking up, and a growling Sebastian feeling that it should still be dark outside. When Sebastian reminds Edward that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, Edward almost seems to panic. Why? Who is Deel? What does Deel have to do with either of the two men or both of them? What contraption is Sebastian working on? Who is it for? Why is Deel trapped in it? What happened? When there are only 10 days left for Edward’s unveiling of his art piece at a major showing that he was given an honorarium to attend, what does Deel find when Deel and Sebastian arrive and meet up with Albert? Who is Albert? When Deel is taken by Sebastian to Edward, what does she find out about his experiment? What is the heart that is outside and the pipes over the top of the tent in which Edward is ensconsed? Is Deel a flowers and chocolates kind of person? You’re going to have to read to see what happens. It was a lot of fun to read. Fairly erotic at points as well. Heartthrob definitely takes on a whole new meaning in this short story.”

The Ghosts at Substation #69 by Berengaria Brown
“We get a chance to meet Doug and Fern right at the beginning of the book. Who is Lowell? Who are Earl and Otis? How does Fern meet them? Who is Bill? Oh my goodness! That is too funny! Learning who Otis is was a hoot! How do Doug and Fern know one another? You need to read this short story to find out what ahppens! It was kind of sweet and cute all at the same time. Love Otis! This was a cute little read.”

Gypsy Witch by Suz deMello
“Who are Ben and Elena? How do they meet? Who are Tom and Gina? What do they end up doing one day when their parents are otherwise occupied? What impact does this have on things around them and within their respective friendships and relationships? When things turn bad after what Gina does, who comes to the rescue of the kids? What happens with Elena and Ben when Elena shows her stuff in front of Ben’s co-workers? You’ll need to read to see how this turns out!”

My Cups Runneth Over by Francesca Hawley
“Who is Brook Linden and what is he doing when the story opens? Who is Delia Heath? How does Brook know her? Who is Mary and what does she have to do with both of the people? It was a pleasant surprise to see Flagstaff mentioned in the story. Finding out this story takes place in Arizona really made it more interesting for me. I know Flagastaff and I know Sedona. Watching as Delia and Brook meet up again after 5 years was interesting. What happens? You’ll need to read to see and you won’t be disappointed with the magic that flows in this book.”

Pleasure Quest by Tina Donahue
“What is Desexo 69? Where is it? Who is Hunter Sloane and why is he at a place called Buzz? Who is Melody? What is the PP mean that is on her bodysuit? What is she a part of? When Hunter is brought in to Buzz to take care of a problem, who or what else shows up? What does Hunter do at that point? What happens to Melody, or is it Modesty? What does Hunter do for a living? What does Hunter do to save Modesty? Read and see. I was grinning by the end!”

Coastal Ghost by Katherine Kingston
“We start out with Mary Sullivan. What happens when a rental house for Mary starts having lots of things go wrong with it? What does she find out when she calls the realtor who rented the home to her? When the plumber, Mike, shows up he finds nothing wrong with the pipes in the house. As he is getting ready to leave, there is another knock on the door. Who is it and what are they doing there? What happens? What do they find out about one another? What does the ghost have anything to do with this? Who is the ghost? A very erotic and fun read. You’ll have to read to find out everything that made me smile about this story.”

Strange Magic by Lynn LaFleur
“What happens when Savannah tries to use her mind to change one object into another? Why does she have 2 weeks to figure out how to do it? Who is Ruby? Who is Dom and why does Ruby pop off to go see him? When Dom shows up to talk to Savannah, how does she react? Why does she not want him there? What does she think about Dom? What does he think about her? How old is Savannah about to turn in the 2 week timeframe? What will that cause her to need to endure? What is happening to her that she’s afraid she will fail? What happens if she fails? You’ll need to read to see.”

Hot as Hades by Regina Kammer
“We start the book with Persephone being led out of hell by Hermes. Why was she down there? How did she get there? What happens when her mother sees her for the first time in months, claiming that sh’s been found? What does Persephone say about Zeus? Was she kidnapped or did she go willingly into Hell? What is happening in hell with Hades and Kerberos while Persephone is back in the real world visiting her mother? How long will she be gone? What is Persephone to Hades? Who are Tykhe, Ianthe, and Galaxaura? What happened when Persephone went missing? What did her mother, Demeter do? When Hades comes up from the underworld to spend time with Persephone, who finds them? What happens after that? This was a fun story to read!”

Valentime by Belle Scarlett
“What would you do if you went back home, and found an old estate up for auction? Would you take a chance and bid on it, or would you keep going, passing up a chance? You should see what Valerie does in this short story. Things such as the Civil War, Time Travel, and Love come into play in this one. This was a fun story to read, with a sci-fi bent to it that I would not have expected. Enjoy the story, I certainly did!!!”

The Moon Maiden’s Mate by Suz deMello
“This story takes place in 2114. We meet a woman named Shayna. I love the bits of Yiddish that are thrown in as curses to the story. It makes it more interesting to read. Whn Shayna comes back from yet another failed date, what do we learn about her and her mother? What is a Shidduch? Why is Shayna going to see one? This was a really fun story to read and really funny in the sense of Karma in a way, in that how the past always comes back to get you in the end. Read it!”

Where or When by Francesca Hawley
“Who is Frank Jasper? Why are Sharon and Jess talking about Frank? When Sharon and Jess talk about a raffle that is due to happen, what is Jess’s response to Sharon’s comment? Why does the “I know.” seem so ominous to me? Who is Max? Why does Max get so bothered by Sharon? What do Sharon and Frank figure out after dinner when they talk more? What will happen makes things interesting based on what they discussed and what they realized was real and not just a dream to each of them. You need to read this story to find out what it is that they realized. Oh, and get ready for Karma to make a grand, almost regal appearance!”

Cupid’s Curious Case by Marianne Stephens
“Alan is a man with more than one job. This is the last night of his second job. He gets done with his job when his boss calls. What does his boss tell him? Why does he call him 84? Who is 102? What will Alan’s life be like tomorrow? When 102 shows up with a box he is to take over to Amy’s apartment across the hall. He is told what needs to happen by his boss, Mr. C. When he knocks on Amy’s door, what does he find when she opens it? Why does Mr. C. tell Alan he needs to take ‘that’ box of chocolates to Amy? When he arrives at Mr. C’s office the next day, what does Mr. C remind him of? What does Alan realize at that point? What thoughts go through Amy’s mind while Alan is at work that day? When he shows up at her door, what does he bring and what do they talk about? Cute story.”

The Magic That You Do by Tina Donahue
“Who are Caty and Finn? What does Finn think is happening at the tour he has walked up to? What does he eventually realize and how does that change his life? This is a sweet second-chance romance.”

Phantom Affair by Katherine Kingston
“The first line of the story had me laughing! Oh my, this was an interesting one to read. Who are Robert and Kelly? Where does Kelly live? How long ago did Robert die? When? With Robert being unable to become solid, how does he serve Kelly’s needs? Well, you’re just going to have to read this sweet tale to find out. I cannot say much because it is so short of a tale. Just know it is some crazy fun reading. Some very interesting things happen because of a particular time and ceremony. Read it and see!”

How the Alien Stole Christmas by Belle Scarlett
“This story starts out with Captain Christie Trent, aka Mistletoe, at the North Pole is at a computer terminal, hesitating to answer an incoming message. Who is it from? What does it mean for her if she answers it? Who is Blitzen? Or what? Where is the North Pole, and what is it? Why is Mistletoe at the North Pole? Where does she want to be instead? This book is definitely a bit on the erotic side. What happens after the last space communication that happens between Mistletoe and Blitzen? What does she find out about Blitzen? Who is he, what is he, and what is she to him? Enjoy the read! I did.”

Swinging Follies by Regina Kammer
“This story about Edward, Delia, and Sebastian set in England in 1879 is such an erotic read. It is interesting, reading about Edward and Sebastian’s works and inventions.Who is this newest invention that Delia finds herself entrapped in for? What is the life like for each of these three people individually and together? This was a really fun story to read.”

Cheri – 4 Stars – Amazon Reviews
“A Boxed Set of juicy little reads, great for lunch breaks, bus rides, or maybe when you just want to sneak away for a little while. Sexy, funny, PNR, a little bit for everyone.”

“Wow, this one will catch you from the first line. Hot! Bring a cold drink! The cop and the witch? Friends with benefits. That’s what Ben thought of them. More just wouldn’t work. After all, she thought she was a witch! Their kids are the same age. She wants more. They both lost their first loves. No matter what he feels, her “profession” doesn’t go with his. Then one night the kids play with magic–oops!”

GHOSTS AT SUBSTATION #69 by Berengaria Brown
“I read this short a long while ago and liked it enough to read again. Fern is an abused woman whose high school boyfriend wants to rescue from her locked-down situation. Not going to be easy with the bad-guy boyfriend. But, they get some help from some unique characters. I don’t want to say more to spoil anything. I’ll just say this is my first time wanting to cuddle up with a ghost.”

COASTAL GHOST by Katherine Kingston
“An unexpected vacation experience. Mary thought this was going to be a miserable time with all the things going wrong with her rental. The owner came by to check things out. She wasn’t going to think about or mention the voice that had persuaded her to stay a while longer. Tom had a sad loss as did Mary. Yet they seemed to find an immediate affinity that turned into chemistry.
Warning that this is a BDSM relationship with a newly initiated sub.”

“An interesting look at the future of Jewish population on earth and the Moon.
Shayna was getting past the age she needed to marry while still rejecting each man she dated. Her mother reminded her of the consequences.
She had a dream of the man she wanted and one lived up to it, except maybe the man himself. She hadn’t seen him since she was sixteen…until she opened to door to meet the matchmaker’s choice.”

“I first found Suz deMello in another boxed set and have been a fan ever since. That’s the great thing about Boxed Sets. A good way to meet new authors with usually short reads and find other new gems from old friends. This one gives you 18 chances. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.”