Tamara McHatton

I was born in a quaint Florida town known for astronauts and white sandy beaches. I spent time as a Special Forces wife; suffice it to say that my own military marriage became another statistic. Three children and twenty years later… time marched by.

I met my Perfect Hero—an engineer, triathlete, and cover model—he helped me realize dreams and enabled opportunities I could never have imagined in a short time. We wed on Halloween and I moved into his house just a few feet away from the river.

Over the last few decades I’ve worn many hats, of which writing is just one. I rescue animals and love to cook. Our newest passion is tandem surfing. I’m just starting on another chapter in my life and hope to bring you more tales… so follow me on an adventure you’ll never forget.



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Sex Wax

Enchanted by a sun-kissed Adonis that sweeps her off her feet, both figuratively and literally, Brooklyn is willing to play on the ever changing tides of her life.